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  • 20th January 2017
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    The content marketing is set to a new level. Check out the technology trends that will transform content marketing in 2017. These tips are essential for digital marketing Liverpool.

    E-commerce and Social Media
    For years content managers have been exploring the social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram among others in a bid to incorporate e-commerce into them.
    These have been used to generate progress in new markets.
    Currently, social media is among the leading platforms for content marketers. Here they build audiences and use them to distribute content.
    Social media has been focusing on revenues and this may cause a shift where the platforms will change from just consumption platforms to commerce hybrid sites.

    Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    The long feared AI is now being utilised in content marketing. There is proof that content marketers will gain more than loose with AI integration.
    Artificial Intelligence has been known for its impressive performances. Conversion of content marketing landscape, revolutionalising it, a formation of content for SEO, Discovery of content for a curation as well as automation of content distribution are some of the tasks AI can help you accomplish.
    Content marketers who will be able to harness the mentioned power of AI will do better than others and even machines.

    Enhanced Search Engine Algorithms
    To update search engine algorithms, they are being automated, This is different as compared to the manual search algorithms online marketers are designed around.
    Improved search engine algorithms such as RankBrain has the ability to scour the Internet and filter search results. This will prevent content marketers from “cheating” and provide organic results to users.
    Ways found by content marketers to keep them afloat in this will enable them to acquire organic rewards.

    Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
    These two have been a big focus in 2016 and this is moving to 2017. It is expected that VR will find a way into the limelight of content marketing as a move to satisfy the visual content need. VR is largely unutilised. This provides an exciting opportunity to aim for content optimised VR for marketers.
    The newly revealed platform for content consumption will prevail in 2017. The Facebook’s Oculus Rift will probably explore this in the coming years.
    We have seen millions of users making Pokémon Go more popular than Instagram and Tinder.

    New Devices with Internet of Things
    Every day is witnessing new devices which can communicate through networked connections because of IoT. Content interaction has only been possible with desktops, laptops, and smartphones but now that was then. A lot of devices are being made smart to communicate with users. Refrigerators, door bells, Bluetooth speakers just to mention a few.
    This advancement is set to help content marketers in a number of ways come 2017. Marketers can now provide customised content relying on location, data monitoring, and real-time alerts directly to devices. The available data will determine the type of products to distribute. For instance, clothing ideas in relation to seasons.

    Live Streaming
    Recently, live streaming is among the ordinary uses of a smartphone although it has been associated with live broadcasts for long.
    A growth of the popularity of live streaming apps such as Periscope and Meerkat will certainly be used to the advantage of content marketers in 2017.
    This provides content developers and marketers with a platform to meet the demand of content as well as provide online content. Like VR, the live streaming is largely unexplored too.
    Facebook is now in the live streaming arena where live experiences on content are being appreciated by more users.